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YouTube video thumbnail download

Download youtube and video thumbnail snap shots of all great for free. This utility will let you download thumbnails of all best. Just paste the URL of the thumbnail video within the below input and click on Get Thumbnail Image

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How to use YouTube Thumbnail Image Downloader

Step 1 : Go to, Search a video.

Step 2 : Copy the URL of the video (Example: ).

Step 3 : Paste that URL in the box given above and then click the "Get YouTube Thumbnail" button.

Step 4 : Choose your Thumbnail size and Download it.

What size is a YouTube thumbnail?

Youtube video thumbnails are available in four different qualities and dimensions.

SD 640 x 480


MQ 320 x 180


HQ 480 x 360


HD 1920 x 1080


Have you been making plans to attain plenty greater thoughts to your YouTube movies? One way that is simple to do this's improving your video thumbnails

Your video's thumbnail is similarly as essential as its name with reference to attracting views. Thumbnails draw the hobby of prospective viewers and additionally help them to decide what video they have to necessarily choose to watch with a bit of luck yours!

It is vital to have tremendous facts of direction, together with reliable video intros and end monitors though none of which can count number whether you are thumbnail cannot entice clicks - this's the primary key goal of a video recording thumbnail. Get the gang, a good deal more site visitors, view the content of ours, and go directly to open the opposite fabric of ours. Particular tips make it appear. To whole the goal of your respective YouTube thumbnail template, here are 5 laws which you'd a whole lot better do not forget.

1. Pick the Right Picture

To document the hobby of the visitors, robust visuals are crucial. Not merely ought to a superb instance which could serve as a sneak peek for the video provide that means, even though it's as well an possibility for the visitors to turn out to be acquainted with the arrival.

Use a custom-made image providing visuals which are simple additionally the video's call. A wide variety of those images also show the commercial enterprise's brand or brand on both backside facet therefore it would seem discrete, however present.

2. Utilize Right YouTube Thumbnail Sizes 

Nevertheless, anyway, what precisely is a thumbnail? Thumbnails are reduced-length versions of pictures or perhaps movies that first of all were given their call of theirs from being approximately the dimensions of a man thumbnail. By getting a good deal better video thumbnails than a few different films, you are plenty more apt to win video clicks on Other serps and youtube. That is exactly why creating an amazing custom YouTube thumbnail may be very important.

The perfect thumbnail length is around 1280 × 720 pixels with a width of 640 pixels, and additionally the perfect ratio for YouTube. Together with the best dimension, you'll also need to retain in mind the ratio, record size, then file form of the thumbnail. Below is a reachable guide you could reference as you construct a thumbnail for the video.

3. Focus on Logo Placement

Putting your logo to the YouTube thumbnails is a smart idea. It can help with logo consciousness, despite the fact that, wherein and the way you region the brand in your thumbnails is essential. First, ensure your emblem isn't too critical. You do now not wish to distract from the overall message of the thumbnail, but in case it's miles extremely little there is truely no sense of adding it in any respect.

Putting in the emblem on the gap on the thumbnail photograph is powerful, mainly in case you've some different replica at the thumbnail, but live far from the right bottom corner. Why? Because that is precisely where YouTube displays the period of the video for visitors. 

When you region the logo of yours there it will likely be protected up and additionally make your video seem unprofessional.

4.Four. Use Complementary Colors:

Often, thumbnails include a inexperienced heritage with a white foreground or maybe yellow with pink. The shade difference is a number of the greatest techniques to allow you to get hold of the eye of the humans. Place related colorations subsequent to one another and look at them to create your YouTube thumbnail greater unified and agreeable to the attention.

As you've to take part in a lengthy line with many special counseled videos, choosing the exceptional sun shades for the thumbnail of yours goes an extended way in growing your content material's clicks and perspectives. Consider these points into attention whilst building your thumbnail layout:

Contrasting colorations: make sure that the pics and text are checked out due to the fact they quick draw the attention in. This's especially proper in the case of snap shots and text at the images. Saturated or shiny shades: draw visitors' gaze naturally. So additionally they useful resource your video posts to get tons greater interest.

5. Readable and Bold Title

Adding titles to your thumbnails will help users apprehend the movies faster in searches. If the title design is unchanged, the titles will further allow your followers to discover your video clips besides shooting the hobby of all the ones searching for 1 of the precise topics.

By default, thumbnails are inherently no longer large when you are altering them on YouTube. The finished paintings is going to seem smaller still whilst they're looked at the usage of a mobile device. Therefore if the info contained are extraordinarily clustered, it'll be hard to test out.

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